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We offer the following types of consulting: Diversity Integration, System and Process, Strategic Planning and Execution, Workforce Development, Company Culture Development, Leadership Development, Creating a Culture of Innovation


We offer the following types of speeches: Leadership, Diversity, Conflict Management, Inspiring Workforces, Creative Problem Solving, Developing an Innovative Corporate Culture, Attracting and Retaining New Talent.


We offer the following types of coaching: Individual Development, Individual Professional Development, Leadership, Executive, and Team.


Individual Process: Assess (Mindset Assessment, SDI Assessment, Work/Life Strategic Assessment), Train (Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset, Working with SDI, other training as needed), Implement (Individual tools, one-on-one simulations/roleplays, application videos, etc.), Re-Assess (Conduct review of changes), Sustain (Ongoing Performance Dialogue and advice).

Team Process:  Assess (Same as individual AND the team’s portrait), Train (Same as individual AND with team picture within the SDI), Implement (Same as individual AND the inclusion of facilitated team simulations and labs for increased understanding and verification of ability along with follow up post-lab reviews of what happened), Re-Assess (Same as with individual AND Team changes/team members’ reviews of changes), Sustain (Same as individual AND Ongoing team leadership coaching).

Executive Process: Assess (Organizational Assessment with concentration on quantitative assessment of money lost because of conflict in organization), Implement (Identify systems and processes that can be addressed through consulting services and engage in strategic planning and execution of those), Re-Assess (Ensure desired results are achieved), Sustain (Continual monitoring and consultative follow up with the individuals and teams of the organization depending on services purchased).


The training offered will be on SDI, Conflict Management, Accountability Management, Critical Conversation Management, Workforce Development, Developing Company Culture, Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset, Diversity Integration and Implementation, and other courses as identified by customer needs.


Business Development, Workforce Diversification, Talent Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Sponsoring, Conflict Management, Strength Building, Executive Communications, EQ Training, Human Capital Development/Management, and Accountability Conversation Training.



Seven Days a Week:  Available by Appointment

Weekend Friendly
Fayetteville, North Carolina 


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