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The primary goal of Inspired Business Innovations is to make a positive, long-lasting impact on our corporate and social worlds to drive the message of Inspirational Leadership forward.  The acronym for our business is IBI, or Latin for “There”.  This is no coincidence as our services will help you or your organization get there and become even more valued and respected than ever before.  


As the corporate world has focused more on metrics, dollars, and scaling; inspired leadership has drastically waned. At Inspired Business Innovations, we believe in challenging the corporate status quo through placing emphasis back on PEOPLE and LEADERSHIP. Inspired workforces just “Get it” and tremendously drive more value for their organizations through their inspired actions and innovative diversity of thought. 


While most of our consulting and training is custom tailored to the needs of a specific organization, we offer many options to include, but not limited to: Business Development, Workforce Diversification, Talent Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Sponsoring, Conflict Management, Strength Building, Executive Communications, EQ Training, Human Capital Development/Management, and Accountability Conversation Training.


Inspired Business Innovations calls Fayetteville, North Carolina home.  This is a medium-sized city outside of Fort Bragg, one of the largest U.S. Army bases.  Our community is an amazing mixture of cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, and dreams.  IBI is highly involved in improving the community through philanthropy, public speaking, and volunteering to create and foster a better environment for everyone living here.

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